GRAND PARENTING for Compassion & Peace

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Go to, to discover a new ethical foundation and a way to raise persons of compassion in a fright–and–fight world

   All parents are challenged by child–raising and the authors help parents raise and enjoy their kids. Grandparents have a role to play in restoring society that chooses peace over war and stops along the way to help one’s neighbor. Breaking new ground for developing ethical human beings, this six–part book suggests how to 

  • ·      Produce “Grand” kids with a high SQ
  • ·      Mentor an alternative to “family values”
  • ·      Use a method of Open–choice parenting
  • ·      Transform the role of Grandparenting
  • ·      Develop a theology of significance
  • ·      Show how to raise liberals outside the box
  • ·      Enjoy kids through applying Grandparenting tips
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The 25 tips for raising children have proven to be successful, if you desire to nurture your children to be compassionate adults or to find alternatives to bullies living in a "fright–and–fight" world. We will send you the list and answer questions for both parents and/or grandparents. First, sign up tips for each at $5.00 or $10 total by going through Pay Pal and we will send you the answers.

What if you would like to take the SQ Inventory for $5.00? This is fascinating, giving you a total score and scores on the six SQ values. Just go to Pay Pal and we'll send it to you. 

For now, because this is a free site, go to for your requests. 

Meet the Authors

Co-author Toni Faust is a retired public school teacher and after raising our own children successfully she guides the learning of two grandchildren in her Sunrise Montessori school. Ron is a retired minister/poet/peace activist, who wrote the fiction “GAPS” and “Prophetic Poetry: Holy Agitation for Peace, Justice and Passion.” Certified as parent educators, they wrote the Grand Parenting book in 2001 but it never had a chance to show its real value…until now -- "soon to be published." 

We offer Speakers, Playshops, and Grandparenting Tips

   Have you reached your wit's end with that active two year old – the most critical of all stages? What do you do when the child does not understand the word NO? Are you frustrated by the Right Wings' approach to parenting? Let's go back to the drawing board and lay the foundation for some healthy, well–functioning kids. Let us come to you and put on a workshop or invite us to a speaking engagement.

Would you like to learn about your SQ Score, what it is, where you are in relation to the rest of the population" Would you like to discover the tip for Parents and Grandparents that make a difference in your kids' lives?  Contact us.

Await future announcements of this upcoming book, going into production.

   “GRAND PARENTING” is a book about producing “Grand” kids with a high SQ (an IQ of the heart), incorporating a method called open-choice parenting and offering resourceful grandparenting tips, such as “Expose a child to the arts such as a beautiful concert and the child will come alive to deep and universal values.” This book challenges the competitive, survival, stern father instincts of take charge parenting to honor a more nurturing and cooperative attitude that will produce compassionate adults in a fright-and-fight world.

   The Fausts' secret in raising grand children unfolds inside this book. They discovered things -- a link to Grandparents and how second chance parenting can raise the spiritual quest of children to transform the social landscape, even showing how to raise compassionate, liberal adults.